Today i broke my number 1 rule

Today I “sadly” broke my number 1 rule, I pre-ordered a game.

I haven’t done so since the disaster of “Colonial Marines”, all the lies from Gearbox about it, and how it was a sham of a game. Since then i’ve never even though about it, until today.

I feel somehow dirty as I know pre-ordering comes with a whole host of issues, but my god, Dying Light having a same-day release on Linux is something worth celebrating isn’t it?

I’ve managed to budget pretty well these past few months to afford it, but wow…much expensive!

Hopefully it will be worth it! I will be streaming it on release day on my twitch: be sure to follow me!

Today my life changed

Today my entire life changed in a matter of hours, and it’s made me need to write down some stuff. It’s funny how crap hits the fan on Christmas Day, this day of all days…*sigh*

I’m not going to go into complete details, but my son now lives with me full time, so I am officially a full time dad. This means a lot of things in my life will change, and most of it probably for the better.

I have no ill will to the people that created this situation, as it enables me to see my son more than half the week I was getting to see him before, but it does mean a lot of things have to change.

GamingOnLinux is fine though, as it has always been a hobby, so I will just blog on it during the evenings when my little man is in bed.

Sadly, it does limit my options dramatically with finding a job, so I won’t be able to find the full time job I was previously hoping for, until he goes to school that is, which in reality isn’t actually that far away.

I really, badly, hope that 2015 is a better year, for me and my son. He deserves better. I’m a little upset right now in all honesty (mainly from the shock of it all), but life will get better, as life always finds a way (gotta look on the brightside). I have a lot of family around to help, so I doubt anything will be a problem.

My temp job for December also ended, so I have all the free time in the world for my Son. Just glad I got the chance to work properly again, even for a small time.

Oh my, I got a job

Well that’s all folks, I managed to land a nice temp-job for December this year, working nights, so I might be a little sleep depraved when working on GamingOnLinux.

Just bear with me during next month! It’s going to be a long month…

Luckily only the first week is the intense week, and then it’s just weekends. Which does give me a bit of time to recover, but my body clock is going to be spinning in circles I’m sure!

I’ve decided

I’ve decided this weekend I will slowly get back into GamingOnLinux (the website).

I’ve decided that haters will hate no matter what, and I don’t care. Any of these “haters” will just be blocked and deleted immediately so that I don’t have to bother with them.

I will take a break whenever I want, and come back whenever I want. GamingOnLinux is my baby, my hobby, part of my life and I’m not going to let a bunch of idiot trolls take it away from me anymore.

I didn’t leave on the best note ~a month ago, but the positivity flowing in from regular readers of the website have constantly spurred me on to come back, so who am I to ignore positivity?

To any prospective trolls: People quit things and come back to them all the time, and that’s quite normal before you call me some sort of hypocrite.

I may do it at a slower pace than I used to, but I will be more involved again. Just going to take it easy!

Our new design looks like it’s almost ready too, final few iterations now I think.

What’s going on behind the scenes on GamingOnLinux

Hi folks I decided my personal blog is probably a good place to post some information on what’s going on behind the scenes for GamingOnLinux.

Right now I’m working with Julian from FireDart on our new design:

Any and all feedback on that would be great, if you can test how it looks at different resolutions and find bugs for us that would be fantastic.

I am also working on a side-project which will be live on GamingOnLinux in future which will be a database of games that have Linux support although it is some ways off as I don’t want it to launch until it has a fair amount of games listed, and until it has all the features I want for it. More on that as I work on it, but progress is slow on it right now, so don’t be expecting it to launch before the end of the year unless I have some sort of coding sprint on it.
As it’s a database it won’t have comments anywhere on it, so no hassle from anyone on it and I don’t feel comments on a games database are even needed.

I haven’t decided if I will start writing for GOL again yet, so don’t expect my updates about GOL to mean I am coming back to writing for it yet. GamingOnLinux is my baby though, and I will do what I want with it regardless of what certain idiot minorities have to say about my decisions, and I wish I felt as strong before as I do now.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing

Here’s a tip of the day for anyone: If you’re going to leave something don’t say “never” in regards to coming back to it. It confuses the situation for if you ever want to come back in some way.

I still don’t care if anyone ever calls me names for returning to article writing for GamingOnLinux in the future (If I do, not saying I am). I still own it, so I am free to do as I wish of course. Why should I care what a small vocal minority think?

The longer I’m not doing it, the more I miss it. That’s good right?

I don’t care if it’s GNU, Linux is better

Something constantly annoys me in the Linux space, yes I’m calling it Linux, deal with it. It’s not the only thing that annoys me, but one of the bigger things.

When people bitch and moan about “Erm the correct term is GNU/Linux!” they sound like the most pedantic and petty people around, and it’s so very boring now.

People talk about “being correct”, but to be correct if we are going down this route shouldn’t a typical distro be called:

I mean come on, Mint is built on Ubuntu which also builds on Debian. If we are talking about “tools” used to create something which is often the argument about saying GNU/Linux is because it’s built with GNU tools. Well distributions are built up from masses of packages and tools, so why should GNU tools be singled out?

Without a desktop like Cinnamon (my personal choice, or kde, gnome, xfce whatever) then it’s not really a desktop Linux distribution in the common use of the term (who is going to use a pure text terminal distribution? Don’t be fucking daft!).

Just call it Linux. Linux is a more accepted and common term (don’t even try to argue that, as it’s only “GNU/Linux” people who ever argue it because it’s not the common term).

GNU/Linux sounds crap. Linux sounds nice. Do some people have nothing better to do than lecture the shit out of someone halfway across the world on their personal preference in naming? Sad, sad people.

Call it what you want, but I will continue to use the plain and nice term of “Linux”, and you call it whatever you want, but don’t lecture me on your choices because it’s boooooooring.

Two Weeks Today

It has been two weeks today since I stepped down as the main editor for GamingOnLinux and I’ve never been more relaxed, so it’s done its job.

It’s funny how there’s still so much background work to be done even when I’m not editing that no one really sees, and it gives me time to focus on that long put off coding TODO list. I really hate TODO lists.

I am still wondering if it’s ever a good idea for me to return to writing articles directly. A lot of people have asked/are still asking me to come back, so who knows, but after all the support that talked up in favour of me it’s certainly not impossible for me to come back.

Liam stepping down was a play for ratings, omgz!

I’ve been reading some funny comments recently on the “drama” of me stepping down from writing articles for GamingOnLinux. I get emails every day still in support of me and shunning trolls who gave me hate-mail.

Part of what I get emailed to me are links and quotes to people claiming this was all to get extra hits for GamingOnLinux, and to put down any comment about *other site* on a certain reddit. Oh my!

Just to note: GOL got extra hits for a single day because of it, and then it levelled out back to normal. So, if it really was an attempt by to get extra hits then it didn’t exactly succeed now did it? GOL’s traffic is back to exactly where it was before I left, so nothing has changed.

The only thing that has changed is more people probably know about *insert website*, so really I did them quite the favour.

Keep it coming folks, I sure do love people’s speculation like this.

Surviving the fallout

I decided to step down from writing on and the flood gates have remained open. I am still working behind the scenes on “stuff”, so I’m not completely gone.

First of all thank you to everyone who has supported me, and continues to do so. The emails, PM’s and stuff I’ve been getting have been truly humbling. I’ve never ever seen this much support for myself and GOL it’s really amazing, and if people were this nice every day the internet would be a fantastic place to be. There have been a small minority of people calling me things like a “whiner”, but I’m much more than a whiner. I am just a vocal person who has feelings and needed to speak up about the abuse I’ve been getting over the years that was amplified rather a lot recently.

I am still writing for Linux Voice right now, so that’s great as the guys there are fantastic at what they do, and they don’t participate in this hateful crap ever. All they do is write awesome stuff, do their podcast and attend events. That’s exactly how it should be.

I’ve taken a lot away from it, and I think Phoronix sums it up best:
“*Take valid criticism — both positive and negative — for what it’s worth, and move on. At the end of the day just keep your head high, remain committed to what you believe in, and do your best.* ”
I wish I had Michael’s strength of character. He is also on the end of a lot of it, and I really admire him for continuing on. He does some stupid things like taking quotes from others (including me) without source linking, but apart from that he’s generally awesome, and nice to actually talk to as well.

I’ve blocked the haters, and will keep on blocking people who make idiotic remarks at me on whatever social media website I continue using. I’ve also blocked myself visiting certain websites at the router level, so I’m going to learn to keep myself away from certain communities. Hopefully after a while it will become second nature to me to not even attempt to visit certain sites that I know trash talk me.

When people hurl abuse at you and bring your kids into it you really do have to take a step back and go “wooow wait a minute this is getting out of hand”, and so that’s part of what led me to quit writing on GamingOnLinux. It certainly didn’t help that this year I split from my partner which continues to take its toll on me, but not as much as it did before.

I do wish to return to write for GOL sometime, but what will happen if I do? Who will I be? I imagine certain websites will explode with hate towards me, and as one email put it “wear it as a badge of honour”. I like that idea. If I do return to GOL then I will do so as a stronger person, and to be frank I don’t give a shit what people call me when I do, as it’s still my website, so I can do what I like.

I’m taking a long break that’s for sure, so we will have to see what happens in future, but for now I have this blog to keep me occupied and rant on. Even if no one reads it then it shall just be a place to vent my mind when no one is around, and I like that.

I am human and I make as many mistakes as the next person, so remember that the next time you want to call me names. Here are some choice ones “hypo-cunt”, “whiner”, “baby”, [insert colourful name here].